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2 years ago

About For Books Basic Income Guarantee: Your Right to Economic Security Review
Can the U.S. afford a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)? In 1983, Sheahen published Guaranteed Income: The Right To Security. Today, with the constant conversation about the role of the US Government and how it should be handling debt problems and welfare programs, this question is one among many in need of reexamination. A BIG is the unconditional government-ensured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs without a work requirement. Reading about BIG can be confusing since the topic's terms are used in different ways by different people. In Basic Income Guarantee, Sheahen uses his expertise to delve into pressing issues and questions such as why we should adopt a BIG, if everyone has the right to BIG, and if a BIG would even work. In easy-to-understand language, Sheahen answers these and many more questions, as well as updates the statistics from his break-through 1983 work.