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Full Version Learning Analytics: Measurement Innovations to Support Employee Development Review

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The potential to improve education due to the large amounts of data on learning and learners is unprecedented and has created an information gap in understanding what to do with all the raw data.Providing a framework for understanding how to work with learning analytics, authors John R. Mattox II and Jean Martin show L&D and HR practitioners the power that effective analytics has on building an organization and the impact this power has on performance, talent management, and competitive advantage.Martin and Mattox focus on aligning training with business needs and answering the questions ?Is training effective?? and ?How can it improved or made more effective?? Beginning with an explanation of what learning analytics is and the business need for it, they move on to applying business intelligence principles, linking learning to impact, connecting training content with business needs, optimizing investments in learning, and placing learning development within the larger scope of talent management. Chapters include case studies from Hilton Hotels, Shell Oil, and American Express to highlight best practice and to provide examples of how companies apply various methodologies across a range of industries.?