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Ali Zafar - MELA LOOT LIYA - Cricket Anthem 2020 - Official Music Video

Wajid Hussain
#AliZafar #MelaLootLiya #BhaeeHazirHai

For the fans, by the fans.

What you have seen should not be credited to me, but to my fans!
Normally, to complete a task like this requires months of planning, a highly professional crew and lots of cash. We were approached by many sponsors to become a part of this but I wanted its spirit it's soul to remain absolutely pure with no commercial gain attached to it. The sole objective of this was to showcase my love for the fans, the game of cricket and my beloved country Pakistan and its people.

How this was achieved in such a short time was with the help of people who came onboard pro bono with such passion, and the thousands of videos we received from across the WORLD. I am speechless. I don’t know how we did this. All I know that there was only one thing that could make it happen - Love.

Thank you for sending so much of it.
This is my ode to all my fans.

- Ali Zafar

Video Credits:
Conceived, Directed and Choreographed:
Ali Zafar

Assistant Director:
Ashar Azmat

Directors of photography:
Danyal Zafar
Omer Khalid Butt
Asif Masood
Yratta media

Camera operators:
Salman Nafees
Meer Tayyab
Arsalan Aziz

Drone operators:
Umer khan

Assistant Choreographer:
Sonu Dangrous

Asif Masood

Colour grade:
Nasir Subhani

Hair and make up:

Wardrobe and styling:
Ebtisam Ahmed(EB)

Line Producer: Ahmed Waqas

Art & Set : Cinescapes

Line management NCA:
Arsalan Awais

Line management Superior:
Shahzaib Qureshi

Omer Khalid Butt

Behind the scenes:
Khaqaan Shahnawaz

Fan video compilation:
Shalyar Javed & Fakhar Sultan

Special thanks.

NCA , The learning Hub , Superior University and all the schools and colleges who sent us the videos.

Audio Credits:
Written, composed, arranged and produced:
Ali Zafar

Song Arrangement and Programming:
Bilal Wajid & Umair Hassan

Mixed and Mastered:
Akash Pervez

Guitar, Bass & Ukele:
Aamir Azhar

Percussions and Dhol rhythm session:
Kashif Ali, Mehtab Ali, Baqir Hussain, Mahsim Ali.

Mohammad Taqy.

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