Full version Sound Retirement Planning: A Retirement Plan Designed to Achieve Clarity,

  • 4 years ago
Do you want to transition from career to retirement, but aren't sure how to make it work? Sound Retirement Planning offers the answers you're looking for. Respected Financial Adviser Jason Parker offers steps to help you move from career to retirement with clarity, confidence and freedom. With straightforward advice, Parker helps you plan a retirement based on what's important to you - your personal values, your relationships, as well as your financial goals. This book helps you: - Focus your retirement planning on what is most important to you - Outpace inflation - Provide income for life - Reduce stock market volatility - Protect against an unforeseen health care event - Maximize your Social Security income - Get your legal documents in order - Tax planning tips - Maximize your cash flow - Reduce your fees - Diversify your accounts to adjust to this new economy