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2 years ago

Starving monkeys fed with watermelon as coronavirus halts tourism in Thailand

Monkeys that were going hungry because there are no tourists to feed them due to the coronavirus were finally treated to dozens of watermelons. 

The video shows a large group of monkey's being treated to watermelons and tomatoes in a public park in Songkhla, southern Thailand.

The primates live in a public park in Songkhla, southern Thailand, and are usually well fed by visiting tourists from Malaysia and China. 

However, the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has all but stopped the arrival of tourists to the area, where they would normally feed the wild monkeys. 

There are claims that this drop in tourism is the result of coronavirus fears halting travel by visitors from Malaysia and China. 

Concerned locals stepped in on Wednesday (February 26) and have called on local officials to help feed the primates.

The pigeons were also facing the same problem after the bird food vendors stopped selling there due to the absence of the tourists.

One local said: "The presence of the monkeys has always helped the local economy because they bring in tourists. But now there are no tourists coming, the council should supply food to these animals before they suffer.''

According to local reports, monkeys are going hungry because tourist destinations in Thailand are sitting empty.

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