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2 years ago

Family pranks son with giant teddy bear that hilariously 'comes to life'

This was the hilarious moment a family tricked their youngest son by making a huge teddy bear "come to life" when the mother unstuffed the toy and climbed inside.

Footage shows the family planning the prank and the thespian skills of each perfectly go undetected by Cannon - the youngest son.

While Cannon's mother is inside the bear his brothers pose in front of her to keep up the ruse.

Cannon subsequently interacts with the bear by hugging it but to his surprise, it begins to speak saying "you give the best hugs".

Amused at first, Cannon eventually retreats somewhat disconcerted when his mother in the bear moves the arms and starts walking.

The aptly named "Mr Bear" character moves by jumping up and down, dancing on command and giving a high five to one of the brothers.

His mother reveals herself and Cannon is relieved, to say the least, and his brothers confirm he was being pranked.

Cannon's father Farris told Newsflare: "My wife was shopping yesterday and saw this giant teddy bear for sale.

"We had seen the teddy bear pranks online and decided it was the perfect time to pull it on our youngest.

"Poor Cannon, after his initial scare, he was laughing and not frightened at all.

"He even got in the teddy bear himself!"

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