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2 years ago

How to Become a Black Belt in Real Estate Investing with Damion Lupo - REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN

Damion is a black belt not only in martial arts but in real estate as well. He bought his first rental property with a VISA which opened the door (no pun intended) to him becoming the owner of 150 rental homes in less than five years. In 2008, he lost the entire $20 million that he made investing in rentals, but over the past four years, Damion has reinvented his wealth and leveraged his experience into an 8-figure real estate investment business. Today, he helps fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to do the same.

In this episode, we talk about:

• What should you invest in first

• What you should ask a potential mentor before hiring them

• Why it's a big mistake to harvest your equity

• Why hard money is easier than dealing with the bank

You contact Damion and get your free gift at

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