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Naam Shaheen Bagh Hai: An Ode to the Protesters Who Sparked a Nationwide Movement | The Quint

The Quint
The Quint
'Naam Shaheen Bagh Hai' is a poem by Darab Farooqui, dedicated to the protesters of Shaheen Bagh, a fountainhead of resistance against CAA, NRC and NPR.

Have you seen streets raise their heads?
Have you seen wounds break into a smile?
Have you seen freedom wrapped in dupattas?
Have you seen an eighty-year-old princess?

The lamp that lights the centre of this storm
The radiant flame is Shaheen Bagh.
If you want to see insistence, come, see it
Not the Jama, see this masjid of truth.

Warm your hands in the calor of hearts
Measure the heights of the mountain’s spirits
Where you will find no stain in the hem
The name of that cloth is Shaheen Bagh.

Come see Lakshmibai, see Razia Sultan
See a new India emerge from the hijab
Tearing the dark, hear the chorus of appeal
Hear the nation of women, transform, rise
These women sacrificed their homes
Their new dwelling is Shaheen Bagh.

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