Enjoy the super spicy Mexican tacos that make you can't stop eating

  • 4 years ago
It's too spicy that can make people burst into tear while eating. But once you start to eat these tacos, it's hard for you to stop

"GO AND TASTE" is an attractive, funny, and special program about reviewing food, health-beauty services, popular "check-in" or entertained places for young people. Specially, when the program combines reviewing and "travelling incognito" in the same place, the strengths and weaknesses will be mentioned more practical and detailed. The program starring will members of P336 band such as Việt Thi, Winner, Gina M, Mon Hoàng Anh, T-UP, Hana, Hailey, Kira Kira, Kenji and artists such as Baggio, Lâm Á Hân… with brings to the audiences colorful, helpful and attractive practical experiences