Hilarious moment cat carries bag of grilled sausages in its mouth

  • 4 years ago
This is the hilarious moment a cat was seen carrying a bag of food in its mouth.

The moggy had three skewers of pork sausages mixed with spicy sauce in one bag and pieces of cucumber in a second.

Onlookers saw the kitten carrying the snacks away from a food stall in Bangkok, central Thailand, on Wednesday (Feb 19) morning.

The filmer, Samorn Poornim, 25, said: "The cat looked like it was a delivery person, taking food for its customers. It could be a new app.

''But I think the cat was heading back to its family's home and carrying food for them. It must be a smart animal if it has learned to do this for them.''

Samorn, a nightclub photographer, said he watched the cat disappear down the street but didn't see where the cat went to next.

He added: ''It's a mystery. I stopped to record the cat on my phone when I saw it carrying the food. Then it went down past the car and I did not see where it went to next.''