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1 Hour Study Music Brain Power | Train Your Brain with Alpha Waves | Super Intelligence Memory Music | 2020 HD

Passion for Music
Proved by Science that Alpha waves help us to improve our memory and can even make better our intelligence. German Scientist Hans Berger invented a device called EEG that tracks and records brain wave patterns and measures these frequencies: delta, theta,alpha and beta. This is super intelligence memory music to boost brain power for study and work.

When to use Alpha Waves music:
- During study
- Doing math
- During sleep
- On job - If your office allows. It really boosts work efficiency!

For more music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyFgW-NDqjEvThRV4jMWplkQq-PzusFEw

We believe music has a significant impact on everyone’s life and it can drive lives to positive directions. Here we are dedicated to music creation. Our objective is to assist people to have happy lives.
Be Happy!
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