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2 years ago

[Read] Text, Don't Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life Best Sellers Rank : #3

You're not weird?you're an introvert.Introversion is no longer taboo, but there are still many misconceptions out there. People think we're just shy or antisocial, that we don't want to have close relationships, that we're all cat people, or that we don't like big parties. (Okay, the last one might be true.)INFJoe, the cartoon persona of artist and introvert Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, is here to set the record straight. Filled with insightful comics, this empowering book provides invaluable tips for navigating an often noisy and extroverted world, and celebrates what makes us special. Text, Don't Call will make you feel proud to be an introvert. Quietly, of course.