'They decided to die': Children's Christmas toy contains disturbing audio message

  • 4 years ago
A woman was left horrified after hearing the disturbing audio message in her friend's baby's Christmas present.

The toy once activated plays a recording of a story about rabbits that "decided to die" because they were threatened by "people, dogs and eagles".

Reena, from Sydney, posted the footage on Reddit with the caption: "This present was given to a friend's baby for Christmas. Needless to say after hearing this, they won’t be playing with it."

The filmer told Newsflare: "This toy was given to a baby at Christmas. It was only opened a few days ago by the baby’s older sibling.

"Older sibling was playing with it when the mother heard the story playing.

"The story talks about bunnies getting together to decide they want to die over fear from humans, eagles and dogs.

"So they come to the conclusion that they will go down to the pond to kill themselves.

"This present was purchased from an Asian pop up store at a Westfield in western Sydney, Australia around Christmas time.

"Based on what some of the commentators have said, apparently the audio in this toy was intended for another toy? And it’s a Chinese fable with a couple of different versions."

This footage was filmed on February 12.