Not Yet: Finding Freedom When Anxiety, Depression, and Other Crap Come Knocking at Your Door For

  • 4 years ago
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Sometimes when we look for black and white, all we find is more grey. Sometimes we are waiting on God to answer our prayer before we feel like we can trust He's even listening. Toby Slough, a seasoned leader and pastor of a large church, shares candidly about his public battle with anxiety and depression. Through his story, you will find God at work in the most unlikely "un-churchy" things. He is not standing far off somewhere waiting for you but walking with you, right in the middle of your brokenness and mess. God is with you in your NOT YET.NOT YET is for those who fight feelings of being "less than." For those who, like the Prodigal Son, are living in a pigpen, and whether it's from your poor decision making or someone else's, you're desperate for someone to throw you a lifeline. It's for the divorced dad who never gets to see his kids. It's for the single mom who lays down at night wondering where she'll get the strength to make it another day. It's for the business leader who, by all appearances, has it all but lays in bed at night wondering why his world is spinning out of control. It's for the college girl who knows she shouldn't measure her worth by comparing herself to the airbrushed images of Instagram but doesn't have a clue how to stop that train from leaving the station. It's for every person whose image of Jesus has been tainted by a Christian teacher, leader, or friend who made them feel like the problem was a lack of faith. It's for the guy or girl who hasn't had their biggest prayers answered and have convinced themselves, "Either something is wrong with me or something is wrong with God because this Jesus thing just doesn't seem to work for me." And it's for the thousands of people just like me who love Jesus and suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, or depression and find themselves wondering what in the hell God is up to.NOT YET is about not beating yourself up for being scared but learning how to live with courage and freedom when life calls you to play scared. It's about discovering the truth about God and how He is at work in the most unlikely "un-churchy" kind of things. It's about discovering a Father who is not standing far off somewhere waiting for you but walking with you, right in the middle of your brokenness and mess.The courage born out of desperation when you find yourself living in the "not yet" moments of life is powerful and possible. Because if you take a step when your pain tells you that you don't have one left in you, there's a loving Father at the end of the journey waiting to embrace you with a ring and a robe and welcome you back into the family. Sometimes you have to play scared. Toby's story will help you learn to live well in the middle of your NOT YET.