Well Lived For Kindle

  • 4 years ago
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How the Sum of One Man's Experiences Led to a Life Well Lived How does one create a happy and fulfilled life? For Marty Holleran, who had an ordinary upbringing in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the 1940s, he had great things planned for his future. Faced with a lifetime of personal trials and tribulations, successes, heartbreaks, and struggles, Marty rose above the hardships to achieve his desired life. Well Lived is filled with valuable lessons from his eclectic business career alongside heartfelt recollections of his family and the life-changing lessons he's learned along the way. Well Lived will help readers to reflect on how their moral compasses, their unconditional love for their families, and their relentless dedication can get them through amazing obstacles. "A life well lived, indeed. And a book well written. There are powerful, vivid stories here, and compelling and enduring lessons about life that Marty shared. Marty's life was truly remarkable and the highlight reel is long and rich. The number of people he has impacted seems too many to count. I do hope this book finds a large audience. These are important lessons, particularly in these challenging times." --Adam Bryant Author, The Corner Office Former Reporter, Editor, and Columnist, The New York Times