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2 years ago

Full version The History of Remington Firearms: The History of One of the World's Most Famous
The History of Remington Firearms is a captivating and wonderful illustrated chronicle of one of the most famous and legendary names in history. Remington is synonymous with the history of the United States, from the Civil War, the two world wars, and every skirmish in between, to outlaws beyond the pale and the law enforcement officers hired to catch them. The name Remington is equally synonymous with hunting, from casual afternoons plinking by a pond, to deer hunting in Pennsylvania, to elk and antelope hunting in the West.?Through Remington's commitment to quality and innovation the company has produced many breakthroughs that profoundly influenced America's industrial development, including the production of the world's first effective typrewriter, innovations in smokeless poweder ballistics, powdered metal technology and fine products for sportsmen, target shooters and hunters for nearly two hundred years.Separate sections in this volume cover all of the company's output, including Pistols and Revolvers, Rifles and Carbines, and Shotguns.? The range of firearms discussed spans everything from Rider's diminutive parlor pistol, which relied on a percussion cap to propel its diminutive .17 projectile, to the mighty .30 caliber Browning Machine Gun of 1917 which had a firepower capability of 600 rounds per minute.? Many interesting historical pictures and company posters complete the story.