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2 years ago

Taming Your Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear & Become a True Leader Complete

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What does it take to become a great leader? True leadership means freeing yourself from false constraints and charting a purpose-filled path based on values. Before he became a management consultant for numerous?CEOs and other top?executives, Hylke Faber had to take his own journey through the trenches to learn which qualities really matter. This book distills his hard-won knowledge so that you can unlock your potential for growth by overcoming your "crocodiles."With Taming Your Crocodiles, you can learn how to say goodbye to fear, unlock your potential for growth, and foster a supportive environment for your team.?Faber offers practical advice for anyone working in a business-to-business setting on how to develop better strategic planning through carefully run client meetings, including pointers on typical areas of miscommunication and how to handle teammate personalities. Managers of client relations, subject matter experts, and anyone involved in strategic planning or customer communications will benefit personally and professionally from this book's guidance.