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China goes into further lockdown as Wuhan coronavirus spreads

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
BEIJING — As China continues to struggle with their grave situation, some of its biggest cities are partially hanging up the "We're Closed" sign.

Taiwan News reports that according to the Beijing Daily, Chinese officials said on Sunday Feb. 9 that Beijing was being locked down under "closed off management" measures.
Authorities said the city would be strictly implementing "closed community management," under which vehicles and people from outside a community will be prohibited.
Those coming to Beijing from other areas are required to report their health status and register their personal information.

According to the new regulations, the first 14 days while in lovely Beijing, people visiting from affected areas or have a history of recent contact with those in affected areas must undergo inspection and observation in their homes.

People must also actively provide health status updates and cooperate with relevant authorities. Oh yeah—and they are not allowed to leave their quarters.

If people refuse to accept hospital confinement, home confinement and other prevention measures, they get to be FORCED to accept it.
All public areas in residential communities, like recreation rooms and sports areas are now off limits, and all businesses and government agencies must constantly monitor people's temperatures.
In addition, there will be checkpoints at entrances and exits of residences, where people coming and going on foot and in vehicles must be masked up and have their temps checked.
Shanghai followed Beijing's lead on Monday, Feb. 10 and also said it would be introducing similar lockdown measures across the city's 13,000 residential complexes.

Beijing is home to more than 20 million people, while Shanghai is close to more than 24 million people. Can locking these cities down slow the spread?
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