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Global Crab Market and Volume Forecast by Type, Export & Import

The crab price is very volatile in the global supply chain, but due to rising consumer demand the future of crab industry is bright. The foodservice industry is the major end-user of crabs; the rise of the foodservice industry would directly surge the inclination of the global crab market. In contrast to that, as per Renub research analysis, The Global Crab Market will reach 3.7 Million Metric Tonnes by the end of year 2026. Worldwide, the foodservice industry is multiplying because of the new technology and innovations as well as customizations in menus, apart from that, inclination towards healthy and nutritious foods and increasing demand for the gluten-free diet.

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The major driving force of global crab market is rising per capita seafood consumption, rising incomes, increased urbanization to underpin seafood consumption is growing. Across the globe, the United States is one of the largest importers of crab; other importing countries are China, Canada, Thailand, and Indonesia. Moreover, China is the largest exporter of crab in the world.

In this report, we have covered the types of crab species like Blue crab, Chinese Mitten, Gazami, Indo-pacific swamp crab, and Snow crab. In addition to this, Gazami production share will flourish in the global crab market during the forecast period.

Renub Research report titled “Global Crab Market and Volume by Type (Blue, Chinese Mitten, Gazami, Indo-Pacific Swamp & Snow), Export, Import, Production, Countries (China, Canada, Russian, Indonesia, United States, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines), Value Chain Analysis & Forecast” provides a complete study of global crab market.

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Largest Crab Exporter is China in Global Supply Chain
We have done a comprehensive assessment of the global export framework of the crab industry, portrayed the five top exporters of crab industry in the global supply chain. This report provides the critical historical market & volume of all five countries along with forecast till 2026. The covered countries are China, Canada, the Russian Federation, Indonesia, and the United States of America and Others.

The United States is the Largest Crab Importer in Global Supply Chain
We have assessed the import model of the crab industry, covered the top four importers of crab industry in the global supply chain. It provides historical, current, and forecast volume & market of all four countries.

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