Full E-book Don't Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America For Kindle

4 years ago
This story goes far beyond Morgan Spurlock's good-humored "Mc-Sickness." In Don't Eat This Book, he examines what's happening across the country - in schools, hospitals, and homes and explores school lunch programs, the marketing of fast food, and the sharp decline in emphasis on physical education. Spurlock looks at why fast food is so tasty, cheap, and ultimately seductive, and what Americans can do to turn the rising tide of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes that have accompanied its ever-growing popularity. He interviewed experts in twenty U.S. cities - from surgeon generals and kids to lawmakers and marketing gurus - who share their research, opinions, and "gut feelings" on our expanding girth and what we can all do to offset a health crisis of supersized proportions.