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The Five Love Languages in a Friendship

In any relationship communication is important.
Relationship guru, Gary Chapman, wrote a whole book about it. And broke down communication in 5 love languages.
It's important in a friendship to find the language in which you feel the most comfortable in.
Here are the 5 love languages to see if you and your friend speak the same one:
1. Words of affirmation
It's a simple way to chime in and connect with your friend.
Just a little "Thinking about you.", a "Just checking in.", or even a "Have a great day." is a small gesture but a way to show your friend your thinking about them.
2. Acts of Service
This is all about showing up. This day in age people talk a lot but don't act on what they say.
3. Gifts.
Gifts can be materialist, but this is not the point. It's the thought that counts. It's a "I saw this and I thought about you" type of gift!
4. Quality time
Enjoy the present, enjoy the moment with your friend. Which will deepen your friendship!
5. Physical Touch
Anything that means you care, you're there, you're listening. A small touch on the arm, a big hug, holding hands, etc.