3 years ago

Internet and Computer Law, Cases, Comments, Questions, 4th Review

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This survey textbook has been extensively revised with numerous, recent Internet and related computer law cases. Each chapter of the book is fully independent, allowing law professors to design a course suiting their preferences and tailored to the number of available classroom hours. The first half of the book is devoted to intellectual property and could be used in a short course on Internet and computer intellectual property. Viacom (DMCA safe harbors), In re NTP (prior art), and Rosetta Stone (likelihood of confusion) are included in the Intellectual Property portion of the text. The patent chapter provides thorough coverage of the patentability of software, computer-implemented business methods, and Internet techniques. The second half of the book focuses on Internet and related emerging technologies. The government regulation and privacy sections of the text have been updated to include GoDaddy (jurisdiction), Nosal (CFAA-criminal), and ATT (FOIA-privacy).