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Famous great fires of Paris and its Fire people early 20th century

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Grands incendies et les pompiers de Paris début 20th siècle.
Great fires in Paris and the Fire people early 20th century. The movie shows some of the great fires in the beginning of the 20th century in Paris. It also has multiple views of the Paris fire people corps. The fires that appear are the fire in Rue Tition, The fire in the Printemps, fire in the Citroen factory, The shop Mestre et Blatgé, 2 factories in Montreuil, Rue de Montmorency, Rue des Plantes, Rue de la Marcadet, Le Bon Marché, Rue Faidherbe, Rue Lecoubre, Rue Réamur and the fire that destroyed the Moulin Rouge. A lot of images are depicted to French fire people and the crazy difficult work they had and the fire engines.

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