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Hands-on with Oppo's under-display camera prototype
Front-facing cameras that are able to see through smartphone display panels were theorized long before we thought it even possible to produce them. Recent teases from Xiaomi and Oppo
New ERA of Camera Technology: UNDER DISPLAY CAMERA.
​Xiaomi and Oppo recently teased their under display camera phones on twitter. Giving us full display, they are trying to fit the front facing camera on the screen itself.
Pop-up camera, shark rising camera, flip camera and now it comes the camera under the screen display giving us a immersive full viewing experience on the screen.
How under display camera works?
We can still see a ghostly outline of the camera under the display, but it doesn't require a permanent notch or hole to function and therefore doesn't block image.
Xiaomi and Oppo are developing an under-screen front-facing smartphone camera, which doesn't require a notch or hole to function, and the company has decided to tell us how it works.
​So the introduction of under-screen front-facing cameras can't come soon. Xiaomi's and Oppo's solution to the problem removes the need for a notch or hole, but requires a custom smartphone display in order to work.
Xiaomi's senior vice president Wang Xiang tweeted out images accompanied by an expalanation of how its under-screen camera technology works. The reason phones need a notch is because the camera requires any materials above it to be transparent to allow light to enter. In a normal phone display this is not the case as the cathode and anode layers aren't transparent.
Oppo introduced both customized display and camera module to make the technology work. The part of the screen that is above the lens is made of a unique highly-transparent material with redesigned pixel structure to ensure optimal transmittance of light. The camera is also special - it comes with a large aperture, a big sensor, and greater pixel size to combat any light refraction.
​Xiaomi solved the transparency problem by developing a display-in-a-display. It integrates a small rectangular area into the phone's display which uses a "special low-reflective glass with high transmittance." The front-facing camera sits underneath. It allows the screen to display imagery unhindered, but at the same time doesn't block light reaching the camera when in use.
Oppo unveils the world’s first under-screen selfie camera
Coming to a commercial phone ‘in the near future’
Oppo and Honor have also confirmed they are working on notch-less smartphones without motorised parts.
Xiaomi has developed a custom display to integrate camera
A small transparent area is made of special low-reflectance glass

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