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3 years ago

The Book of Questions: Business, Politics, and Ethics For Kindle

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Right to life, or abortion rights. Whistle-blowing. Does everyone have a price? The most difficult and revealing of all questions are questions of ethics-easy to answer from afar, but impossible when you're in the thick of it.From the author of the 1.9-million-copy bestselling The Book of Questions, here are 300 primary and follow-up questions on commerce and politics that probe deeply into our conflicts between ideals and reality, and help us sound our own morals.Put principles to the test: If you knew you could double your money in two years by investing in a company whose activities you strongly disapprove of, would you? Examine basic beliefs: If you knew you would not produce anything of real significance in your life, how would it change your goals and attitudes? Fantasize about power: If you could determine who could immigrate here, would you let in those who would contribute the most to our country or those most in need of refuge? Define convictions: If you were certain someone convicted of armed robbery would never commit another crime, would you choose a punishment that involved no prison sentence? Perhaps even rehearse for tomorrow: What would you do if after shaking hands on a deal for an item you are selling, someone else offers you twice as much?Fuel those all-to-rare talks that go deep into the night-and explore and refine your values. 106,000 copies in print.