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2 years ago

9 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Dog And Prevent Them

Pest Removal Warrior
1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth can be very useful to get rid of ticks from your dogs. Apply this power on your dog just like you're applying talcum powder and then you can spread the powder inside the fur using your hand. Leave it in their fur for 3-4 days and then wash them.

2. Tick Shampoos

Tick Shampoos are really effective against removing ticks. It contains formula that kills ticks. Use it once every 2 weeks to keep ticks away. You need to use it frequently as it the ingredients may not last for too long. It's time consuming but it's really effective and inexpensive.

3. Oral Medication

You can use Bravecto. It has active ingredient is Furalaner. This is high effective in removing ticks. Once consumed it remains in blood for 8 weeks and kills ticks that tries to consume your dog's blood.

4. Tweezers

You can pull out ticks by using a tweezer. Here is the way to safely do it.

Part your dog's hair around the tick using your fingers
Put your tweezer around the ticks and gradually start applying pressure
You see the tick coming out continue adding more pressure unless the ticks come out.

5. Healthy Diet

Ticks are attracted to lusterless dry skin so you need to take good care of your dog by providing your dog with good food. This will keep your dog’s skin health and shiny and will attract less tick and will be less prone to tick attacks.

6. House Cleaning

Keep your house clean as ticks can be hidden inside mats, under bed sheets, in children’s toy and in your dogs sleeping place waiting to get back inside your dog's body. Just by cleaning your house you can reduce the attacks of tick over your dogs to a great extent.

7. Lawn Cleaning

You should keep your lawn clean as there can be many ticks that can attack your dog since your dog goes out to play in lawn. Your dog may often play around bushes, under trees and can go inside bushes and that can become problematic. Ticks are also attracted towards dry leaves so make sure to clean away dry leaves.

8. Nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic worm like organisms that feed on ticks and other pests. They are usually found in soil. It kills ticks by feeding on ticks larvae and eat them thus, stopping them from multiplying.

9. Tick Collars

Tick collars are really effective against keeping ticks away. There are three types of tick collars:

One is that releases a gas to repel ticks and another type is that gets releases a special medication that spreads through dogs natural skin oil and the third type does both.