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2050 तक ऐसी होगी हमारी दुनिया सब कुछ बदल जाएगा Feature technology and inventions of 2050

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2050 तक ऐसी होगी हमारी दुनिया सब कुछ बदल जाएगा Feature technology and inventions of 2050


Friends, have you ever thought that we will be introduced to the creatures of another world beyond the earth, will man succeed in conquering death, scientific studies of such fantasies which are impossible, are also being done under futurology,

Futurists have a special look at the year 2050, the reason being that 2050 is the time that most people of the present generation will be able to see and by then technically half of the 21st century has passed, and then some will start looking more digital than digital. Our future, yes friends, let us know a glimpse of the future to come, but friends, do like the video before proceeding.

Friends, many jobs will be finished by the year 2050 because by then intelligent robots will be replaced by humans and these robots will do all the work from cooking the food to the waiter of the hotel, and by 2050 every disease will be treated and people will need their needs. Will also be able to use robots to complete,
And they will also be able to make physical connections with those robots. In today's time, science has evolved so much that transplants of everything are possible and any kind of work can also be molded into a human body, and recently a YouTuber Jack has installed a blog camera in his hands after spending three million dollars, and which opens automatically when you close the fist, and you can use it to walk anywhere Wandered video and take photos, and that you do in the coming years that can figure out what you can get to see the changes,

And friends, by the year 2050, self-driving cars will run on the roads, with the help of which the accidents in the world will be reduced a lot and in a gesture, this car will come out of the parking lot and reach you,

Let us tell you, the founder of the Tesla company has started such that in which he will put a chip in the brain of humans through which the human brain can be read by computer, and by the year 2050 all the smart cities will have been done which with lots of facilities and technology. Will be equipped and the village will have internet facilities,

By 2050, we will also get to see technology like smart newspaper, as in today's time, once you read a newspaper, you throw it away or it goes to waste, but by the year 2050, along with other things, our newspaper is also advanced. You will not need to throw this newspaper, it will be a single newspaper which will be updated every morning, and you can also play videos by watching it. Despite the kenga and all this, you can keep it folded,

And you will know that in the future we will see a huge change in mobile phones, by 2050 we will get to see such mobile phones and laptops which will be completely transparent and we will be able to see through it.

So friends, which of these technologies you liked the most, please tell us by comment Box.

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