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2 years ago

Full version New Hampshire Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat
Discover the esoteric and arcane side of New England's most New Englandish state in this anything-but-taciturn guide to New Hampshire's bizarre, quirky, and down right outrageous people, places, and things. Frugality takes on new meaning at the state-sponsored Roadkill Auction, where the frozen carcasses of everything from bobcat to black bear to star-nose voles are available to the highest bidder. Those contemplating a career change could become New Hampshire's next Official Gull Harasser. Ayuh, it's a government job. Or consider this conundrum: a wood-burning power-generating plant. Yankee ingenuity? How about a farm that raises both horses and mushrooms--coincidence? Think again. Part zany guidebook and part Who's Who of odd and unsung heroes, this entertaining compendium of the state's quirks and characters will amuse New Hampshire residents and visitors alike.