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2 years ago

Kate Middleton's Secret for Wearing High Heels All Day

How to wear high heels without feeling pain at the end day?
We are not talking about women who put them on a few minutes before arriving for work.
We are talking about Anne Hathaway, The Devil Wears Prada, type of running around in heels!!
Yes, there is a way. And Kate Middleton has great advice for all of us!
She always slips some leather insoles in her heels.
Her favorite brand is, British, Alice Bow.
Alice Bow sells leather insoles for flats, heels and even custom-made soles, for about 14.95£ (around $19.90).
If it's her favorite brand, you don't have to choose hers. But do buy insoles, it's the best way be able to wear heels all day!