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2 years ago

More than 130 dead, some 6,000 cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

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More than 130 dead, some 6,000 cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

中신종코로나 확산 '사스' 추월…사망 132명•확진 6천명 육박

Alarming new numbers out of China overnight.
Cases of the new coronavirus there are now skyrocketing.
And to try contain the virus,... China has reportedly agreed to bring in international experts.
Our Kim Jae-hee starts us off.
The new type of coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan late last month continues to claim more victims.
As of Wednesday morning,... more than 130 people have died in China,... and more than a hundred of them are from Wuhan.
The number of confirmed cases in China has soared to around 6-thousand as well.
Experts in China say the outbreak is forecast to worsen.
The head of a team of experts at China's National Health Commission said on Tuesday,... that the coronavirus will reach its peak infection rate in 7 to 10 days.
Amid the growing concerns,... the World Health Organization said on Tuesday that China agreed to permit teams of international experts to visit China,... to help research and contain the outbreak.
The news came after the director-general of the WHO met with the Chinese President in Beijing the same day,... to discuss plans to contain the novel coronavirus.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has also expressed confidence that China will win the battle against what he called the "demon" coronavirus outbreak engulfing the world.
He projected an image of confidence and capability,... saying his country can win its battle against the new coronavirus outbreak.
"The Chinese government attaches great importance because the purpose of the government is to put the lives and health of the people at the top of all priorities. Therefore, I have been personally directing and deploying the epidemic prevention and containment work this time. I believe that as long as we strengthen our confidence, help each other, adopt scientific prevention and containment measures, and persist in precise policies, we will definitely win the battle against the outbreak."

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