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2 years ago

Making Your Marriage Work: Maama's Practical Wisdom for a Lasting, Happy Marriage Review

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Marriage is not meant to be endured, it is meant to be enjoyed.Far too many people are either coasting through their marriage bored or just holding on "for God's sake" or "for the sake of their children."One thing is sure, if your marriage relationship is great, you can weather any storm life throws your way with joy. But if your marriage relationship is dry, boring or stressful, you may have the type of "success" others are praying and fighting for, like money, children, a great career and lots of friends, yet go to sleep miserable and discontent every night.This is a two part book, part one speaks directly to Mr. and then Mrs., giving age-old practical advice based in the word of God, that will help you revive joy, passion and laughter in your marriage.Part two is your go-to marriage manual. It will teach you how to deal with and thrive in the midst of the conflicts many marriages face including but not limited to -Broken TrustFinancesSexAbuseCareer and MinistryIn-laws and friendsThis book will help you weather life's storms together by honouring your God-given roles. It will remind you of easily forgotten sound judgement and common sense that will help you thoroughly enjoy one another "until death do you part."