3 years ago

India fairground staff perform nerve-wracking stunt by hanging onto Ferris wheel as it spins around at speed

A member of staff at a fairground in Kalpetta, Kerala, was spotted hanging onto the frame of a Ferris wheel as it spun around at a rapid pace.

Lekshmi Bala managed to record this nerve-wracking stunt on January 16 and told Newsflare: "During our ride, we were perplexed to find a few of these guys dangling and swinging from one car to another while the ride was going.

"Jumping over our car on their way around the wheel, it only became scarier when we got out and actually witnessed the scene in its fullness.

"The guy and couple of his friends who run the ride are taking turns to do the loop around the wheel to entertain the onlookers. It’s part of their publicity stunt. Truly nerve-wracking to watch."