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3 years ago

[Read] Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations: How Executive Directors and Boards Work
Managing a nonprofit organization has many challenges. One key to success is building a strong relationship between the executive director and the board of trustees. This book is a treasure trove of information for navigating the personal, political, and legal minefields that cause so many nonprofits to fail. Dozens of case studies illuminate the key issues that often impede the progress of nonprofit organizations. Each chapter also contains a set of questions that enable leaders to reflect on the health of their own organization and also evaluate other nonprofits, as well as to create sustainable, effective business practices and productive working relationships. Topics discussed here include:Communication between managerial partiesSharing powers and responsibilitiesFund-raisingFinancial oversight and boundariesPlanning programsHiring and firingDeveloping partnershipsAssessing business practicesBuilding productive working relationshipsAnd much moreWhether you are an executive director, a board member, or someone contemplating either important role, Effective Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations is an excellent resource for understanding the dynamics of nonprofits and creating a strong organization.