Five-months-pregnant woman in Thailand gives birth prematurely after waters break in taxi

  • 4 years ago
A five-months-pregnant woman gave birth in a taxi after her waters broke four months prematurely.

Min Panyalad, 31, started experiencing contractions while her husband was at work last Sunday (January 26) night.

She called her husband Nirun Temjai, 33, and a neighbour to go with her in a cab to the nearest hospital in Saraburi, central Thailand.

However, mid-way through the journey they had to stop in the middle of the road when her waters broke.

Paramedics arrived at the scene to help deliver the premature baby boy. Mother and son were then taken to hospital.

The husband, Nirun, said the baby was their second child and they just came back from the hospital after checking on her condition.

He said: "We have been married for five years and already have one son who is four. My wife had a miscarriage with our second child and then she fell pregnant again.

"Earlier this afternoon I took her to the doctor because she felt the baby had changed position. I didn't believe she could go into labour so soon, because she is only five months pregnant.''

The mother and son were both well when they arrived at the hospital but they have both been kept in while they monitor the child in an incubator.