4 years ago

Full E-book Italian Desserts & Pastries: Delicious Recipes for More Than 100 Italian Favorites

Italian food is some of the most popular in the world and it?s easy to understand why. The cuisine is based on high-quality ingredients prepared simply. Yet the cuisine of Italy is as varied as the country?s regions, with each region boasting its own specialty.?Italian Desserts & Pastries features sweets from every region of Italy, including classic tiramisu from Veneto, zuppa inglese from Emilia-Romagna, cannolis from Sicily, and cakes, pastries, cookies, and puddings from Piedmont, Tuscany, Campania, Sicily, and more. The experts at Academia Barilla have collected more than 100 recipes, some regional classics, some modern interpretations, all authentic and delicious.?Recipes are presented with step-by-step instructions and cooking tips to ensure success. Every recipe is accompanied by a beautiful finished dish photograph.