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Secrets & Science of Light - Full Documentary

Seeker Land
Seeker Land
From X-rays to microwaves, from ultraviolet to infrared, we’ll explore the world of color, both seen and unseen. We recognize our world primarily through the sense of vision yet the light we use to see is only a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum that surrounds us and impacts on our lives. We’ll find out what color really is, how our color vision works and compare it to that of other creatures, some who see less color than us – and some who see more.

We’ll explore insects that can see into the ultraviolet, snakes that sense invisible infra-red radiation to hunt their prey, and birds whose color vision is far more sensitive than ours.

Following the multiple award-winning ‘Limits of Perception’ and ‘Time Limits’, this is the third and final part of the trilogy that explores beyond the limits of our everyday perceptions.

In a thrilling one hour, this journey through the whole spectrum explores strange worlds. It is a journey through a world we never dreamed existed.

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