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8 months ago|313 views

US woman in Wuhan explores the 'ghost town' amid lockdown

An American citizen in the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak explored her neighbourhood amid the lockdown that has been incurred on the Chinese megacity.

Footage from January 24 shows a near desolate urban environment with few citizens, described as "really weird," despite Chinese New Year usually closing shops as people leave the city for the countryside.

The filmer explores her local area showing how small grocery stores are still operating but larger stores have closed their doors.

The filmer is heard saying: "We're definitely not at panic mode yet."

Additional footage shows how the grocery shop is stocked as normal "despite the lockdown."

"But if the lockdown persists then we might have an issue in, say, two weeks," she later added.

A parcel office is pictured closed with a sign explaining that they are closed until next month.

Chinese authorities have imposed travel restrictions stopping citizens from leaving Wuhan in an effort to control, the outbreak.

10 more cities have since been given similar measures.
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