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2 years ago

Rolls-Royce Black Badge - Cullinan, Dawn and Wraith

For those who crave comfort, style, and luxury. For those who know that a drive isn't "just a drive," there is Rolls-Royce Black Badge. With elegant and enhanced features this luxurious car series manages to take the lead. The suspension, hardware, and other parts are the most reliable than any other Rolls-Royce series. Along with elegance, Rolls-Royce Black Badge cars offer you the most spectacular driving experience. A magical carpet ride of driving smoothness and comfort available now throughout all our vehicles.

In comparison, the Black Badge dynamic twists are modest, with the 6.6-litre V12 in each car promoting from a bit of extra pull. The Ghost is upped to 603bhp and 620lb ft, while the Wraith now has 623bhp and 642lb ft. The wheels are correspondingly complex in their construction. Additional alloy-carbon compound, they brag 22 layers of carbon fibre. All models also have attractive eight-speed automatic gearboxes, which function through more alert regulate pedals, while the Wraith gets an overhauled air suspension system, one which seemingly offers both driver emphasis and a ‘magic carpet ride’. Every ride provides bigger brakes too. Whether you want a sharp car like the Wraith or you want to indulge in the lavish, spacious style of the Cullinan, rest assured, there's a Black Badge for you.