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2 years ago

Candice Huffine, the new face for Fossil's Sport Watch

Candice Huffine is one of the most famous voice for inclusivity in the fashion world.
The plus sized model was chosen by Fossil to represent their new Sport Smartwatch. .
"In a society where it's still not accepted that all kinds of bodies can workout and be in bikinis, this is a strong move coming from the watchmaker.
Typically one body type has been portrayed in fitness advertisements. The fact that Fossil sees beyond size and recognizes my strength and accomplishments as a woman and athlete means so much to me, which I feel is proof of true change towards the future I had personally always hoped for in this industry", Candice Huffine for PEOPLE.
If Candice Huffine is know as a model, she's also a great marathon runner. .
"There is not one kind of body that works out, that wears bikinis, that is fashionable and the bubble, I feel, is finally bursting on that archaic form of advertising. True inspiration and aspiration lies in feeling seen, and encouraged to just be unapologetically you", Candice Huffine for PEOPLE