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#18 Paradox : Mobile Legend Bang Bang Magic Chess Tips and Tricks Video - Basic Combination

Paradox Gameplay
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For those who aren’t familiar with the game mode, Magic Chess is a strategy based game following Autochess’ footsteps. As its name tells, the game features chess-like elements such as a square chessboard as well as different chess pieces that consist of characters playable in the actual game (for Autochess, that’s DotA Heroes; for Teamfight Tactics, it’s League of Legends Champions). However, once a new round starts your units will automatedly fight for you – that’s why it’s called Autochess.

While you always play against 7 other players, each round you’ll only face one of them per round; some rounds, you’ll only face creeps or monsters. Over the course of the game, you’ll gain gold and items in order to build a strong lineup and bring the health points of your opponents to zero.

Those who already enjoyed Chess-TD will not have any issues transitioning to Magic Chess. In fact, many elements share similarities such as economy, synergy systems, unit levels.

Currently, there is a total of 52 different Heroes available for Magic Chess that form up to 22 unique synergies. On the Mobile Legends event’s page, Moonton provides a detailed introduction with informative graphics. So even if you haven’t played Autochess games nor Chess-TD before, their tutorial leaves no questions unanswered.

For tips, tricks and guides let's watch the video!!!


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