4 years ago

Is There a Better Way to Make Money Online Other Than Affiliate Marketing in 2020?

Kevin Whitsitt
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Hello, is there a better way to make money online other than affiliate marketing in 2020? I honestly, don't think so, even though I'm always looking and I'm openminded.

I do like the idea of buying and then reselling internet domains. The problem with internet domains is they can take a long time to sale, you should learn how to negotiate and it's a gamble. You also have to pay the renewal costs for the domain. To make good money it helps to wait.

I've done fairly well with affiliate marketing. The problem with affiliate marketing is many people have the wrong idea with it.

Some people when they think of affiliate marketing they are thinking of Amazon's program. Maybe a niche site and you stick links all over the place and hope and pray someone clicks on it and buys something.

Affiliate marketing is much more than that. It's really a way to do business and what helped me see the light was the book called “Internet Marketing Secrets” from Russel Brunson.

What makes affiliate marketing so powerful is that once you have a list of people in a niche then you can promote a wide range of products and services to those people.

Low ticket items, residual income products, high ticket items. Whatever it is you want to promote you can do it with a list.

It's also probably better to promote using a list. Even if you want to do consulting you can do it with your list.

Maybe promote products that help them with their business and then towards the end you can promote your consulting services.

Even if I was doing social media marketing agency, which is a very popular thing now. I would lean towards getting someone on a list then I would promote products to them and then towards the end I would offer to do it for them for more money.

The reason a list is so powerful is because it enables you to communicate with someone directly. You really do own the list. You can communicate with someone years into the future if you really want to.

The biggest reason I like a list is because marketing anything online is not as easy as many people think.

People are more skeptical and that is a healthy thing. With a list you can do everything you possible can to get someone over the skepticism and this will help you in the long run of your business.

This also helps the people that you are trying to help. It really is just a way to better communicate with someone and this alone can make you much more money.

I hope this might have been a little helpful.

Do you know of a better way to make money other than affiliate marketing in 2020. Please share. I would really appreciate that.

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