Saving the Family Cottage: A Guide to Succession Planning for Your Cottage, Cabin, Camp or

  • 4 years ago
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Estate planning for family cottages and cabinsWhen family members inherit a vacation home together, problems are often unavoidable, given that the new co-owners may have different financial circumstances or emotional attachments to the family cottage or cabin.But you can head off damaging family squabbles by developing a legal structure (typically an LLC) to take care of the business of ownership. Whether you're planning to pass on a cottage to your children, or you've inherited a cabin with your siblings, Saving the Family Cottage provides practical, legal solutions for preserving a beloved family property for generations to come. You'll learn how to:keep the peace (and avoid fights) among siblings over jointly-owned propertyprevent a family member from forcing a sale of the cottage or cabinkeep your vacation home out of the hands of in-laws and creditors, andmake a smooth transition from one generation's ownership to the next.The fifth edition is updated to reflect current tax laws, including state property tax laws which affect choice of legal entity. It also includes an expanded discussion of legal issues when renting a family cottage or cabin on Airbnb, VRBO, or similar rental services.