Full Version Principles of Project Finance, Second Edition Best Sellers Rank : #3

  • 4 years ago
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The second edition of this best-selling introduction for practitioners uses new material and updates to describe the changing environment for project finance. Integrating recent developments in credit markets with revised insights into making project finance deals, the second edition offers a balanced view of project financing by combining legal, contractual, scheduling, and other subjects. Its emphasis on concepts and techniques makes it critical for those who want to succeed in financing large projects. With extensive cross-references, a comprehensive glossary, and online spreadsheets that follow its chapters, this new edition presents a new guide to the principles and practical issues that can commonly cause difficulties in commercial and financial negotiations.Provides a basic introduction to project finance and its relationship with other financing techniquesDescribes and explains: sources of project financetypical commercial contracts ("e.g., " for construction of the project and sale of its product or services) and their effects on project-finance structuresproject-finance risk assessment from the points of view of lenders, investors, and other project partieshow lenders and investors evaluate the risks and returns on a projectthe role of the public sector in public-private partnerships and other privately-financed infrastructure projectshow all these issues are dealt with in the financing agreements