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2 years ago

Hilarious moment man gets stuck in clothing rack in hilarious TikTok gone wrong

This TikTok video went wrong when a man gets stuck in clothes drying rack while doing a challenge clip.

The footage, filmed on January 13 in Northamptonshire, shows the moment a man got stuck in the rack after thinking it would be fun to pose inside of it during his attempt at a TikTok video.

The filmer told Newsflare: "Got to note, to close this flat again, you have to rotate it so that it is upside down and then it collapses. Obviously this I couldn’t do that!

"Throughout the moment we were just hysterically laughing which made it so much harder to get out! But moments like this happen to us all of the time and we always find ourselves in the funniest situations so it was brilliant that we managed to get it on camera!

"It did at one point cross my mind that I was never going to get out and I’m going to have to live my life with this clothes rack on me."

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