[Read] Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure: Principles of Policy and Finance For Online

4 years ago
Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure - Principles of Policy and Finance, Second Edition explains how public private partnerships are prepared, procured, financed, and managed from both the public- and private-sector perspectives. As the use of public private partnerships continues to develop world-wide, both in the area of public policy and private financing and contracting, the Second Edition of this leading textbook:Captures and explains the latest approaches, providing a comprehensive all-round guide for those on both the public- and private-sector sides of the tableEmphasises a step-by-step approach within a comprehensive, cross-referenced formatIncludes clear explanations of PPP evaluation, structuring and financing concepts for the benefit of those new to the topic: no prior knowledge is assumed or requiredProvides detailed reference points for more experienced practitionersDraws from the authors' experience and practice in PPP markets worldwide to provide a perspective on practical application of the key underlying principlesIncludes an extensive glossary of technical and financial terms used in the PPP sectorIncludes more technical information and a stronger legal perspective than other booksEmphasizes a step-by-step approach within a comprehensive, cross-referenced formatExpands and updates the historical backgrounds and political contexts of public-private partnerships