ASMR Cinematic Hand Movement. Layered Sounds Tingle Overload! Sleep Hypnosis

  • 4 years ago
ASMR Cinematic Hand Movement.Layered Sounds Tingle Overload! Sleep Hypnosis

Taking Away Your Negative Energy and Implant Positive Energy
ASMR Icy Personal Attention. Frozen Princess Sleep Hypnosis.

ASMR Sleep Inducing Triggers For Deep Sleep. Can't sleep? Have trouble sleeping? Check out this ASMR for sleep! Different sounds from slow to fast will help you relax and fall asleep. Thanks for watching!

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Life is Hard, Let My Channel be a Secret Harbour for You Where You Can Rest and Relax... ASMR Relaxation for Sleep and Tingles. Awesome Hypnotising Triggers including Calming Tapping, Scratching, Whisper, Massage, Cutting Thanks for all the supports! I am less shy now.

For the ultimate relaxation experience to help with you insomnia, anxiety, depression. I am here to help you relax and fall into a deep sleep with light scratching, tapping, singing.

1. Embrace Child Victims of Crime (I was a victim of crime as a 5 yr old)
2. World Vision
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