3 years ago

Cows losing weight as drought ravages grass in rural Thailand

Worrying footage shows how cows are becoming painfully thin as drought ravaged their grazing fields.

Faremer Somchai Muangwiset, 45, loaned 300,000 THB cash (7,580 GBP) from the bank for raising cows in Ang Thong, central Thailand.

He had to stop farming rice due to the parched land caused by a devastating lack of rain and hoped that livestock would rekindle some of his income.

But the farmer said today (Jan 13) that raising cows is becoming equally difficult as there is little grass for them to graze on and they have started losing weight.

He said: "I loaned a huge amount of money from the bank that I spent on farming and buying cows to raise and sell them on for profit.

"Things started to go wrong because of the drought. I had to stop farming and rely on cows but then my cows have become very skinny because the grass has dried out.

"The closest fertile meadow is miles away so I now I am hoping that there will be rain soon and only then will things get better."