Full version The Pressure Principle: Handle Stress, Harness Energy, and Perform When It Counts

  • 5 years ago
'If you are struggling with exams, vivers, job interviews, work presentations, with performing in a team or individual sport - or find it difficult to interact in social situations - then this is for you'
- Amazon reviewThe book on how to handle pressure from the performance coach to Francesco Molinari and Jonny WilkinsonWhether it's the stress of hitting a deadline at work, passing an exam or an upcoming job interview, pressure is everywhere.So how can we turn this into our advantage?Dr Dave Alred MBE is widely acknowledged as one of the best coaches on the planet. A pioneer in performance psychology, he nurtured Jonny Wilkinson into rugby's most feared kicker, and has helped Premiership footballers, number one golfers and England cricketers deliver on the biggest stage.He believes that dealing with pressure is a skill like any other and in this book he shares his eight ground-breaking principles, distilling his life's work into an accessible and practical book with examples from the world of business, sport and the classroom.From writing down personal affirmations to understanding how to use language more effectively,
The Pressure Principle
will help you become your best self and stay calm when the heat is on.'Dave Alred is a genius. There is simply no-one around to match him in his field' Jonny Wilkinson CBE'Dave Alred is the coach who helped Jonny Wilkinson keep his cool. We can all learn from him' Matthew Syed, author of bestselling Black Box Thinking