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2 years ago

Monkey in China rescues its friend that was being shocked by an uncovered wire on tea house rooftop

A heroic monkey risked its own life to rescue its friend that received an electric shock from an air conditioning unit in southwestern China.

The video, shot in the city of Guiyang in Guizhou Province on January 4, shows a monkey lying on the roof of a tea house twitching after receiving an electric shock from the uncovered wires on an air-con unit.

A resident can be heard screaming: "What happened to the little monkey? Did it have an electric shock?"

Another monkey climbed up onto the roof and tried to remove the wire before the pair eventually freed themselves and tumbled off the roof.

A man shouted to the monkey repeatedly, "it has electricity," to try to warn it.

Fortunately, the two monkeys both fell off the roof and ran away.

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