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PAL Exclusive Sega Saturn Games (Europe)

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Jan Neves
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Episode Notes:

1. Games covered:
Atlantis - The Lost Tales
Discworld II - Missing Presumed... !?
Formula Karts - Special Edition
Frankenstein - Through the Eyes of the Monster
Jonah Lomu Rugby
Trash it
UEFA Euro '96
World League Soccer '98

2. I had a few sound issues with this recording. You'll notice a couple of skip like sounds during the commentary. I cleaned it up pretty well, otherwise.

3. PAL actually consists of multiple format differences itself. There are numerous countries outside of Europe that used them, so the term is used loosely here. Primarily, these were European games only.

4. Europe also received numerous Japanese games that the US did not. Mega Man X3, King of Fighters 95, and Deep Fear among them.

5. I tried these on both US and Japanese systems. All of them were playable.

6. My Rugby and Soccer skills are novice level to say the least. Be gentle.

7. Swagman was originally a 32X game. It was cancelled and made a Saturn game that the US was suppose to get, and was cancelled at the last minute.

8. Discworld is a work of Terry Pratchett, a British author who passed in 2015. The games are based on his books. The US received the first game in the series.

9. Jonah Lomu passed away in 2015 of kidney disease.

10. Many of these games have Playstation versions available.